Sugar cubes

Raw Cane Sugar Testing Programme

We have been conducting a testing programme for over fifty years, initially for UK laboratories, but this has expanded over the years and now have over thirty laboratories and Chemists from all over the world taking part.

The programme is for raw cane sugar only and conducted every six months we send each participant a sample of raw cane sugar, taken from a cargo of sugar delivered to London and ask participants for the polarisation and moisture results.

The results are listed and sent to each participating laboratory for their information.

The purpose of course is for each laboratory to compare their results against the outturn result in London and those of their fellow participants and to review their testing methods and equipment if there are any vast differences in their results.

The aim is to achieve a worldwide efficiency in the analysis of raw sugar.

Testing is carried out in accordance with methods laid down by ICUMSA.

We do not charge to participate in the testing programme, but we do ask to be reimbursed the cost of couriering the sample to the individual laboratory which may be in the region of fifty pounds sterling.

If you wish to participate and give us an undertaking to reimburse us the couriering costs, please let us know and we will be happy to add your name to our list. Please click here to contact us.