Sugar cubes


Council members are authorised representatives of Full Member organisations elected to serve the Association based on their experience and seniority in the trade. Council meetings are held throughout the year for the giving of directions for the day to day running of the Association, for the consideration of applications for membership and any other matters which may require attention.

Members of the Council
B. J. Callingham Esq.
Bunge London Limited
S. G. O’Mahony Esq.
Sopex London Limited
G.C.V. Coxen Esq. MCIArb * Louis Dreyfus Commodities Suisse S.A.
P.J. van Grutten Esq. MCIArb * E D & F Man Sugar Limited
S. H. Jensen Esq. Alvean Sugar SL
S. Kissen Esq. Glencore Energy UK Limited
A. Leetham Esq. Czarnikow Group Limited
B. Newton Esq. Belize Sugar Industries Limited
P. R. de Pass Esq. Mitra Sugar Limited
C. Raja Esq. Al Khaleej Sugar Co. L.L.C.
D. Tate Esq. T & L Sugars Limited
A. Vlas Esq. Sucres et Denrees S.A.

* Denotes Member of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.