Sugar cubes

Arbitration Panel

Members of the Council, together with other experienced sugar traders, who are representatives of Full members, act as arbitrators using their extensive trading experience and knowledge of the Rules to settle, by commercial arbitration, disputes which have been referred to the Association.

Members of the Arbitration Panel


T. BALLARD Esq. Czarnikow Group Limited
M. B. BENINGFIELD Esq. Louis Dreyfus Commodities Suisse S.A.
P. BOUGAULT Esq. Cargill International S.A.
P. CARELLO Esq. Olam International Limited
A. DUNCAN Eaq. E D & F Man Sugar Limited
J. GRIMSEY Esq. Czarnikow Group Limited
K. S. HAYLOCK Esq. Louis Dreyfus Commodities Suisse S.A.
R. HOLLAND Esq. T & L Sugars Limited
Ms J-M. KELLY Glencore Energy UK Limited
J. MARTIN Esq. Czarnikow Group Limited
D. PATEL Esq. Sopex London Limited
J. W. PAYNE Esq. Sopex London Limited
J. W. REED Esq. Bunge London Limited
J. REYNOLDS Esq. Cargill International S.A.
R. VERLEY Esq. Sucre et Denrees S.A.

* Denotes Member of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators